Thursday, October 4, 2012

Harvest time!

So you've seen the gigantic summer squash that I was able to pluck from my garden.  The vine that traveled across the garden and over the fence of the opposite side was actually pumpkin!  I discovered this when I was cleaning up and decided (stupidly) to cut up the vine running through the middle of the garden.  I was cutting off dead/decaying vines and got a little shear-happy...and really should not have cut this little baby off :(

It's nowhere near ready, I know.  But it's so cute and I seriously got so excited by it that I had to have it.  Ugh maybe I'm too impatient for a garden! 

I also used the estimated days to maturity for the petite bell peppers in order to determine that I can start plucking those!  I got four beauties ...

So here's what I got from the garden so far...
Cool, right?

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