Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Finding Humor in My Plants

It's been a while since I've written, but boy have things changed!  I was traveling for a few weeks and didn't have much time for my plants.  Well it seems like a certain few squash plants decided to take over my garden.  Besides the squash, the following are still growing: beets, lettuce mix, scallion (which we transplanted), and peppers. 

I can see squash and I can see peppers, can you?

Just kidding, there's a better picture that's coming..I promise.
BUT the above picture basically demonstrates how crazy my squash plant has become.  Did you find the vine that has crawled across the garden and up the fence on the opposite side?  It went between the wooden posts and the green fencing and climbed up to the top! 

Monster Squash decided to strangle a few things along the way...

In my mind, he (yes, he) is trying to take revenge on the weeds that are stealing nutrients from his friends :)  It's hilarious how it looks like one little tendril made such a long trip just to strangle that little puff of grass. Yes, I will weed the area around the boxes asap, Mr Squash.

Beautiful squash blossom

Lettuce screaming, "Get me out of here!"
Beets and squash, pictures from the belly of the beast ;)

Next year we will definitely plant the squash in the area of the garden closest to the back of our yard so that these huge leaves don't shade our other plants.  And, yes, we will add a trellis for the squash to climb.  I might prune a little bit since I think we've reached our limit to how much we're willing to let this plant dominate the garden.

Anyone have some good squash blossom recipes?

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