Monday, August 6, 2012

Nothing but vegetables (and a few herbs!)

"A vegetable garden in the beginning looks so promising and then after all little by little it grows nothing but vegetables, nothing, nothing but vegetables." Gertrude Stein
I find that quote so hilarious.  Oh my do I have an update for you!

First up: Basil Cutting
I didn't really believe that this little experiment would work, but I've been changing the basil water every day or two and am seeing roots forming (gasp) right where they should be!  In the next few days I'll get these babies into the ground.  Actually, strike that, I'm thinking of taking the thyme in my SFG, basil that you see here, and some mint my dad just gave me and planting them in the rectangular terracotta flowerpot(s) J bought me.  This way I can bring them inside during the winter and have fresh herbs throughout the winter!  Wouldn't that be delightful? 

My family already loves my mint chocolate chip ice cream and I believe the addition of fresh mint will bring it over the top.  Our farm share has given us an enormous amount of basil and I just had to give a huge bagful of the most fragrant basil to my parents.  My plans for the basil currently in the fridge is to freeze more of it and then turn some into pesto.  Any other ideas?

Next on the list: Check out the size of those leaves!

As I walked over to my garden (I was away over the weekend and hadn't seen it in a couple days) my  eyes lit up.  Wow.  I really should have installed a trellis for the squash and pumpkin.  Such is the mistake of an overly enthusiastic newbie.  I knew this going in, but as always I forged ahead because if we don't make mistakes, how will we learn?  For now I think the summer squash and pumpkin are fine where they are but pretty soon I'll have to think about what to do with them.  Perhaps I can carefully transplant them somewhere with a fence they can climb.  Hmmm.  And it appears the beets are doing well although some of the leaves look a little droopy and sad.  There were a few sprouts of the chives popping through under the summer squash leaves, and I think the broccoli is doing quite well!  How ignorant was I? 

I had NO clue what broccoli looked like in the ground until I googled it...check out the awesome picture above  from My Square Foot Garden.  I'm dreaming about whether my crop will ever be as good.  Did you also catch the lettuce in the picture?  A few scrawny leaves, but they're making themselves known!  This is too exciting.

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