Friday, July 13, 2012

What is that?!

Pop you see what I see?

I think something's growing in our garden! It looks like the first picture is from the Beet grid and the second is from the Spinach grid, but without the actually grid overlaid on the box (I knew that was going to come back to bite me), I had a hard time remembering where the lines were.  Mainly because I was way too excited that something was even popping up in the garden!

I came inside, cheeks flushed, and J promptly asked me if I think they're weeds. This is where the grid overlay would have totally come in handy, but since I'm doing this from memory I'm going to say I don't think they're weeds because they seem to be sprouting in the areas where I planted the seeds.  Keep your fingers crossed I'm right! And, of course, if you'd like to tell me I'm sorely mistaken because those are weeds I will happily pluck them from the bed!

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