Thursday, July 26, 2012

Update on our composter...

WOW this composter is hard to put together.  So far J has put two hours into it and it's still not done.  The composter arrives flat-packed, which means nothing is assembled.  In addition, none of the holes are pre-drilled so you have to do it yourself.  So to make thing a little easier, we put the barrel together with bungee cords and drilled the holes and then took it apart, attached the pieces to the frame, and then started screwing them together.  What stinks is that the pieces don't fit perfectly together and there are gaps between the pieces.

UGH!  J finally got so frustrated that he put it aside for another day and  will hopefully be able to get it together soon.  All of our peels and egg shells etc are currently being stored in the fridge so that they don't attract buggies and we have two big tupperware containers filled with stuff along with a couple big plastic bags.  I can't wait for this thing to be finished!  Here are some pics...

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