Monday, July 9, 2012

Sowing my seeds

I got down and dirty yesterday night.  Literally.  I was so excited to plant my seeds/plants.

First I had to 'visualize my garden'.  I keep forgetting that the boxes are 4x7 and not 2x7 so when I drew up my initial plan I only drew two rows of plants.  Oops.  I'll get to the next two rows some time in the future.  Here's my very first sketch (as you can tell I'm a bad drawer)

The first row (left to right): Thyme, Lettuce, Broccoli, Beets, Summer Squash, Pumpkin, Summer Squash
Second row (left to right): Oregano, Pepper, Spinach, Lettuce, Broccoli, Spinach, Chives

Most of the boxes are filled with seeds that required you to have 12'' of space or more between seeds.  The ones where you see all my weird lines is because more seeds could fit into the 1 sq ft space.  I have to say, SFG made it so easy to figure out how and where to plant all of the seeds I had.  For example the spinach packet said to thin seedlings to 4'' apart.  Instead of planting a whole mess of seeds and then having to cut out the seedlings to allow the 'strongest' to survive, I only have to plant a few seeds 4'' apart.

Before planting I soaked my seeds for 1/2 an hour and soaked the thyme and pepper plants for the same amount of time. For some reason I can't rotate the below picture, but the seeds are in the order of the way I'm planting it.

I can't rotate the below picture either (can someone help me if they know how to solve this? It shows up correctly when I open the original file on my computer).  Anyway, on each packet of seeds I wrote down the number of sub-divisions (if any) within each sq ft box I need to make so that it's easier for next time haha.

With each box being one square foot it was so quick for me to place the seeds where they should go and feel confident I was fairly accurate (amazing).  To plant the beets and chives I used the trick in the book of dividing one sq ft box into four and then used the amount of space between my eyes as a guide to poke 4 holes in each subdivision.  Brilliant. I planted the thyme and pepper plants by digging a mini hole and cutting off the bottom of the pot (including the roots since SFG suggests if you cut the ends of the roots the plant will grow new ones), putting the pieces into the hole as instructed by the plant wrapper, and putting the rest of the pot in the hole as well!

Here's the first two rows finished!!


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