Tuesday, July 24, 2012

More growth!

I can't believe it's only been two weeks since planting my little seeds into the ground.  My husband and I've been watering them every 1-2 days and keeping an eye on our little sprouts.  I now think that the sprouts I originally thought were spinach might be broccoli.  Seeing as how I've never seen either in its infancy, I'm excited to find out what they become haha.  I'm constantly surprised at how little I know about where my food comes from and this experimental garden is fast becoming more to me than just a side project.  I think about my grandfather's garden in the middle of a concrete jungle in the Bronx and how lucky I was that his garden thrived and that I was able to take part in caring for it.  I daydream about the afternoons we spent tending to his tomatoes or winter melons, the amount of pride my grandmother now takes in continuing that garden and how huge her pumpkins and squashes she meticulously collects seeds from the 'best' produce for next year.

Now that I'm staring my own garden, I'm hoping their green thumb has been passed down to me.  It appears that some of my plants continue to grow..continue reading for pictures!

How exciting!

I'm also hoping to grow some basil.  I got some amazing organic basil from our Honey Brook Organic Farm share and am trying to use this eHow article to see if I can use the cuttings to hopefully transplant some into my garden beds.  I'll let you know how it goes.  Right now the basil is sitting in a glass jar near my window.  Picture to come in a later post.

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