Monday, July 9, 2012

The foundation...

So I know that our garden right now isn't a true Square Foot Garden yet.  :(  We don't have the grid on and we had to make some compromises with our first box.  Oh..I haven't gone through the boxes yet, have I!

J is making me four boxes (what an awesome, supportive husband, I know).  All four are 4' x 7'.  Two are 12'' tall and two are 6'' tall.  The 12'' tall ones have galvanized 1/2'' wire mesh on the bottom to keep burrowing animals away from my veggies ;)  He didn't think a weed cloth on the 12'' boxes were necessary since the weeds wouldn't be getting much sunlight to grow in the first place (we'll see how it works out).

The two 6'' tall boxes aren't made yet, but those will have the same wire mesh on the bottom as well as a weed cloth.

The other compromise we had to make (boo) is that instead of compost we used a mix of cow manure, Miracle Grow Garden soil, peat moss, and vermiculite.  It's definitely not ideal and the cow manure smelled REALLY bad, but I let J make the executive decision on that because he was the one doing all the heavy/strenuous work!  We used this mix for only one of the boxes (a 12'' one) and I think for the other boxes we'll try harder to get compost and do it right.  We just got overly excited and wanted to start right away!

Empty 12'' box (two 6'' frames are being held together by those blocks you see on the inner frame of the box)

Mix without vermiculite

Mix with vermiculite

Our mix is roughly 1/3 vermiculite, 1/3 peat moss, and 1/3 (manure + miracle grow soil)
Be careful working with the vermiculite! It's very light and spreads easily so wear a face mask.  J mixed it on the garden floor instead of with a tarp as suggested by the book because he didn't have a tarp that big (another thing we'll have to pick up).

Coming soon: my attempt at planting!

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