Tuesday, July 10, 2012

An experimental planting

Just for kicks I decided to plant garlic.  I know you're supposed to do it in October for the best results, so I'm labeling this an experiment just to see if it'll grow.  Why?  Because I have two 4x7 boxes to fill and I'm feeling daring :D

Just to back up a bit, we bought a share at Honey Brook Organic Farm and have had an amazing experience thus far.  The produce has been better than anything we've found elsewhere.  The beets are huge and sweet, the garlic scapes were an unexpected delight, and I cannot say enough about how great it's been.  We've recently started getting garlic in our boxes, not the kind you find in the grocery store but the hardneck kind (someone correct me if I'm wrong!). 

I read you could plant garlic just by breaking apart the heads and separating the cloves from each other. You can then either keep the paper skin on or take it off.  I actually have read through a few articles that say different things but most of them said to soak the cloves in some type of baking soda and liquid seaweed solution and/or rubbing alcohol to prevent disease.  I went the rubbing alcohol route because I didn't read about the baking soda and liquid seaweed soak until now (I also don't have liquid seaweed).

Here's what the garlic looked like when we got it from the farm (minus a few cloves)

You're supposed to plant the cloves 4-5 inches apart from what I read.  I took four cloves, removed the skin, and soaked them in rubbing alcohol for a few minutes and then planted all four in one square foot cube.  I also had an extra clove that had a little green sprout coming out the top which I did not remove the skin from before soaking it in rubbing alcohol.  I planted that one in the middle of it's own square foot cube.  We'll see how it turns out!

Here are a couple of the links I used for reference:
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