Sunday, March 6, 2016

2016 Already?!

My how time flies.  A lot has happened since the last time I've posted.  It's been a busy 3 years and I cannot believe what's in store for us!

We went from having 1 adorable daughter (C), to having 3!  Our second daughter (A) was born in 2014, and our son (N) was born in 2015.  We certainly have our hands full!  It's been such an amazing journey with them so far.  Which left little room for things like "me" time and I could forget about my hobbies.  Life has been dedicated to my little munchkins.

To accommodate our growing family, we've been doing some work on the house.  I won't talk about it here, but we are very much looking forward to the next few months.  One of many things that I am getting increasingly excited about is a new kitchen appliance...a convection steam oven!  We haven't bought it yet, but I told the cabinet designer to use the Miele DGC 6800 XL PureLine M Touch Combi-Steam Oven as her guide.

I'm a little late in the game, as I haven't discovered these combi ovens until very recently but I've been in lust ever since.  I did notice, however, that it isn't easy to find recipe books and resources about convection steam cooking.  So I'll selfishly use this blog to keep all of that information on hand and will document my results once the oven is installed!  That won't happen for another few months, but I want to be prepared to use it right away :D

Here's what I've found so far:

  • Straight from the source: 
    • recipe list on Miele's website that allows you to filter by product.  Right now there are 45 recipes specifically for the combi-steam oven
    • I also found a cookbook from Miele that is well over 200 pages long! There's a pretty useful looking intro section, and then the book is divided into: Baking, Soups and Starters, Casseroles and Savory Bakes, Vegetarian Dishes, Savory Treats, Meat, Fish, Sides, Desserts, and Bottling and More.  I only just started reading through this book and cannot wait to start tagging recipes to try.
  • I've heard the Modernist Cuisine cookbook has a section on combi ovens but I don't have the book so I'll rely on you to tell me if it's any good ;)
Please feel free to comment with any more cookbooks, recipes, or resources you've found.  I'd very much appreciate them and will keep adding to my list!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

My new machine!

As previously mentioned, I have decided to take up sewing in the winter months.  I am just a beginner, so please bear with me!  I am in no way perfect, as you already know..keep that in mind!  To start, I'll go over the tools I've collected...

Thursday, December 27, 2012

I know, it's been a while

My sincerest apologies, reader(s)!  It has been a busy summer and I have been lax in my blogging duties.  Since my last post, I was able to gather a few more petite peppers, before Hurricane Superstorm Sandy hit.  I do have to say that the scallions grew fairly nicely and it looked like the garlic was well on its way until the storm.  Unfortunately, the beets didn't have a chance to develop fully.  My lettuce mix grew quite well, but were promptly eaten up, probably by bunnies.  The broccoli was looking really good until Sandy came and destroyed it.  I also think I should have planted it earlier in the season (well, duh, I was starting the garden in July!).

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Harvest time!

So you've seen the gigantic summer squash that I was able to pluck from my garden.  The vine that traveled across the garden and over the fence of the opposite side was actually pumpkin!  I discovered this when I was cleaning up and decided (stupidly) to cut up the vine running through the middle of the garden.  I was cutting off dead/decaying vines and got a little shear-happy...and really should not have cut this little baby off :(

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Pickling Radishes and Peppers

We just got lots of radishes from our organic farm share and I really didn't know what to do with them.  So I thought I'd try my hand at a very quick and simple radish pickling recipe from Bon App├ętit.  I've never canned or pickled, so I had to go with an old spaghetti sauce jar for this one.  The 2 cups of vinegar didn't fit in the jar, so it was about 1 and 7/8 c of vinegar.  We also got some HUGE cloves of garlic from the farm share so we only put 7 of those in instead of 10 (the recipe said '10 cup garlic cloves' but I think that was a mistake).  I also stuck a couple petite bell peppers in there that I picked from my garden for fun :)

So excited! Will let you know how they are in 3 days...

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Closing out the summer with a little smoke

Recently J bought a smoker. I will post a little more on the modifications he did to it in a later post, but I just wanted to say in the past month we have really enjoyed using this little baby!

So far we've done two pork butts, two chickens, and a nice hunk of salmon. Wow there is nothing like smoking your own salmon! And all I have to say is brining is awesome. Especially for the chicken and salmon that we did.

A few teaser pics :)

Monday, September 10, 2012

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Finding Humor in My Plants

It's been a while since I've written, but boy have things changed!  I was traveling for a few weeks and didn't have much time for my plants.  Well it seems like a certain few squash plants decided to take over my garden.  Besides the squash, the following are still growing: beets, lettuce mix, scallion (which we transplanted), and peppers. 

I can see squash and I can see peppers, can you?

Friday, August 10, 2012

Finished Composter

I cannot believe we were able to finish building the composter today.  Well, I shouldn't really say 'we' so much as 'my husband' haha.  We threw our first few scraps in there this afternoon :D  So it starts!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Nothing but vegetables (and a few herbs!)

"A vegetable garden in the beginning looks so promising and then after all little by little it grows nothing but vegetables, nothing, nothing but vegetables." Gertrude Stein
I find that quote so hilarious.  Oh my do I have an update for you!

First up: Basil Cutting
I didn't really believe that this little experiment would work, but I've been changing the basil water every day or two and am seeing roots forming (gasp) right where they should be!  In the next few days I'll get these babies into the ground.  Actually, strike that, I'm thinking of taking the thyme in my SFG, basil that you see here, and some mint my dad just gave me and planting them in the rectangular terracotta flowerpot(s) J bought me.  This way I can bring them inside during the winter and have fresh herbs throughout the winter!  Wouldn't that be delightful?